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The online puzzle PuzzleRick is a successful blend of mahjong and a pairs game. Connect the symbols with paths that have no more than 2 corners to clear all the pairs from the playing field. Solve the online puzzle faster than your flesh-and-blood opponents.


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Play for free against human opponents or pay entry fees and win real money in PuzzleRick!

Dive into the adventure and solve the online puzzle quicker than your flesh-and-blood opponent. Show your fellow player of PuzzleRick that your eyes are sharp and your fingers are faster. As in all of the games at m2p.com, you always play against real players, whether you choose to play PuzzleRick for free or for money to earn a cash prize.

Help PuzzleRick clear obstacles on his treasure hunt by solving the online puzzle. Connect matching symbols with paths that have no more than two corners to clear the playing field. The fastest player not only defeats every opponent, but also secures the cash prize!

By the way: You can take part in the same PuzzleRick tournament again to improve your result.

Step 1: First select matching symbols arranged next to each another or in the same row. Make sure the symbols can be connected with paths that have no more than two corners.

Step 2: Keep your eye on the time and act fast. You will receive extra time for every matching pair, but you cannot gain more bonus time than you had to begin with.

Hint: Use the Hint and Mix aids in the game.

Game keys: mouse

Play PuzzleRick now