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Travel to Paris with Paula! Clear colored perfume bottles and collect heart symbols to complete levels. Parfum de Paris - the game that smells of love!


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Think ahead and clear all the perfume bottles to gain as many points as possible.

Aim of the game:
Clear the screen of colored perfume bottles and collect all of the heart symbols to complete a level.
Collect all 9 hearts in each level. You have 4 minutes.

How to play:
Step 1: Clear groups of 2 or more matching perfume bottles by clicking on them. The more bottles you clear at once, the more points you are awarded.

Step 2: The hearts represent the level target. Every time you clear a group of bottles, they drop closer to the bottom edge. The level ends successfully once you have cleared all 9 hearts.

Hint: If you get stuck, click on HINT to receive a suggestion for your next move. However, each HINT "costs" 1,000 points.

Special jewels: The 9 red hearts represent the level target and must all be collected to successfully complete the level.

Color: The perfume bottles are arranged in groups according to color. The higher the level, the smaller the groups of matching bottles.

Stopping time:
The game time runs out continually. However, the clock is paused for a few seconds at level transitions.

Generally, the more perfume bottles you clear with a single click, the more points you score. There are no immediate points awarded for collecting the hearts, but you receive a BONUS for clearing the whole level. Points are deducted, for example, if you have collected all of the level targets (hearts), but there are still some perfume bottles remaining. 10 points are deducted per remaining perfume bottle.

If you completely clear a level through tactical thinking and planning ahead, you receive a special bonus (level 1 - 1,000 bonus points, level 2 - 2,000 bonus points, etc.)

Tournament mode:
In tournament mode, the gameplay differs slightly from the classic duel. In the tournament, you must complete 3 consecutive rounds, each of which lasts only 1 minute and 45 seconds (i.e. the total game time in a tournament is 5 minutes and 15 seconds). The scores achieved in each round are added up to determine the end result.

Game keys: mouse

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