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Play MAH JONGG 2 now!

Clear the tiles by matching up their symbols. You have 5 minutes in which to play through as many levels as possible and collect as many points as you can to exceed your opponent's game result. If there are no more possible moves, the tiles are reshuffled.


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Your goal is to clear the tiles from the playing field and play through as many levels as possible in the 5 minutes you’re given. To clear the field, select unblocked tiles with matching symbols. Unblocked tiles are ones which do not have another tile on top and on either side of them. These tiles light up.

Hint (-10 seconds): If you get stuck, use the "Hint" option to see your next possible move. However, you will lose 10 seconds of your remaining time.

Reshuffle: If there is no possible move, the tiles on the playing field will be reshuffled.

Points: You receive points for every matching tile pair you clear. The further you advance through the levels, the more points you will earn.

Chain bonus: Clear several tile pairs with the same symbol in sequence and your points will be doubled on your second move.

If you play 2 to 10 cash games, you can unlock additional backgrounds and tile sets.

Game keys: mouse

Play Mah Jongg 2 now