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Play for free against human opponents or pay entry fees and win real money in Luxorama!

Robert the robot has got a new job for you in his online puzzle shooter game Luxorama. Colored balls are rolling incessantly towards the exit, and you must stop them! Because if just one ball makes it through the exit before you have sorted it, poor Robert will end up as scrap metal!

Similar to the well-known online Luxor game, the aim is to clear the balls by forming chains of 3 in the same color. The more chains you clear in a row, the better, because your opponents are strong. Play online with fast reactions and tactics, beat your fellow players, and rake in the money. That is your objective in Luxorama.

Step 1: Clear the balls by chaining 3 of the same color in a row. Move the slider left and right using your mouse to position the ball. Left-click to shoot.

Collect the symbols that drop down for help. They have the following effects:

Target beam = allows you to aim your shot
Ice = freezes the balls
Lightning = destroys the balls you hit
Colored ball = joker that connects any color
Bomb = destroys adjacent balls
Reverse = makes the chain roll backwards

Step 2: The aim is to complete all 5 levels. To reach the next level, complete the level target inside the time limit. The available time varies between levels. The amount of time left and your distance from the level target are displayed in the loading bar at the top of the playing field.

Hint: Use the spacebar to switch between the current ball and the next ball in in the slider.

Game keys: mouse

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