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m2p entertainment Ltd.

m2p entertainment Ltd. is located in Luton, England.
We have made it our goal to create special gaming experiences for our customers.

m2p develops so-called games of skill. A game of skill is one where the users' skills and practice are the main factors of success.
All of the games at m2p.com are based on up-to-date technology, and will be continually adapted to future developments. Furthermore, the high quality and security of our customer data are very important to us for all m2p games.

The development of HTML5 and Flash games is handled entirely by our own teams. In order to meet our own high standards, m2p employs an experienced and creative staff. Our teams ensure that the highest possible quality is maintained from the development all the way to customer support, and that customers know just why they play our games. From concepts to 2D sketches, 3D rendering, programming, and security - everything comes from a single source.